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The Pain...

Privately Held Family, Entrepreneur, and Small Investment Group owned Companies generating $400k to $4 Million in EBITDA don’t have an effective resource for Selling/Exiting their Business or Sourcing Capital, Loans, or Financing. 

The focus has been on hard work and growth, and it’s time to contemplate larger objectives - Yet you don’t have an advocate to clarify, organize, facilitate, and execute the process of Selling your Business or Finding Capital


In working with 100+ Clients and spending careers sitting on every side of the table advising, acquiring, operating, financing, and exiting enterprises in the $400k to $4MM EBITDA Range, we’ve seen the narrative over and over again. 

You’re acquired without a process by competitors, PE firms, or related parties for far less than your intrinsic value or take a near usurious loan because they were the only parties to reach out, the only people that knew the business was for sale/needed capital, and you a.) weren't represented by a dedicated firm and b.) weren't aware of all the alternative paths and parties available

The pain points are common and most owners never attain the outcome they could otherwise have:


  • Issue #1: The Lack of a Specialized Advisory Firm


Everybody knows a little about business and will offer advice, but how many take the time to understand the intricacies and granular details about your company and its history?


  • Issue #2: Not Knowing Who Could/Would Acquire or Provide Capital

Are those that have contacted you real? Are they low-ballers or loan-sharks? How many others could be interested?

  • Issue #3: A Lengthy Process = Distraction and Stress


The process for providers that would already deem your company ‘too small’ can take years, and countless hours of your time every week


  • Issue #4: Everybody Finds Out


Competitors find out, your employees worry, more questions come to you - Other firms send your sensitive information to thousands of recipients who they've never even met or spoken with


  • Issue #5: You Don’t Have a Real-Time Pulse


Everything takes days for a response, you don’t know where the process stands or where it’s headed


  • Issue #6: Poor Results


You receive low-ball/high cost offers from parties you're already familiar with

The Cure...

This doesn’t have to be your legacy….

At Hill View Partners, we’ve spent our careers creating the Hill View Partners' Exit and Capital Process solving these problems:


  • Focus and Dedication: Solely focused on $400k - $4MM EBITDA Companies

  • Deepest Specialized Network: We know everyone who is real and interested in your business

  • Process and Speed: Unparalleled speed to (2-3 Weeks) and in the market (100 Days to Offers - 6 Months to Closing/Funding)

  • No Distractions: Streamlined process only requiring a handful of your hours (not per week) prior to Offers 

  • Confidentiality and Discretion: Discrete communications, person to known person, not mass-marketed 

  • Responsiveness and Transparency: Responsive, available, and accessible around the clock

  • The Outcome: Optimal valuations and structures, ideal terms, and nothing that slips through the cracks 


We would appreciate the opportunity to discuss why this could be the best path for your Business 

Schedule a Business Exit or Capital Evaluation

The Pain & 
The Cure

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