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Hill View Partners: At a Glance

About Us

Hill View Partners, Founded in 2016 by Arthur Petropoulos and headquartered in Providence, Rhode Island, provides Mergers & Acquisitions and Capital Advisory services to privately held family, entrepreneur, and small investment group owned companies generating $400,000 to $4,000,000 in EBITDA (or Pre-Tax Cash Flow)


We help companies sell/exit their business or a unit of their business and find/source capital, whether that be traditional bank financing or more creative sources for purposes of growth, acquisitions, partial monetization, or any other strategic reason. 

Hill View Partners brings the tenure and wisdom of $1 Billion+ of transaction experience to support and work alongside businesses and owners. We understand and appreciate the complexities of our clients' enterprises, and we unwaveringly espouse to our motto of doing good work for good people. 

We are experts in communicating the value proposition of our clients to the broader M&A and Capital Markets, and we produce results with optimal values and terms, minimal distraction, and unrivaled responsiveness and expediency.

Hill View Partners continues its growth through trusted relationships with our clients and a track record of exceptional outcomes.

M&A and Capital Advisory

  • Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Business Sales

  • Capital Sourcing and Structuring

Differentiators of the Hill View Partners Exit and Capital Process:

  • Highly Sophisticated Representation for Sole Focus of Family, Entrepreneur, and Small Investment Group Owned Businesses in the $400k - $4MM EBITDA Range

  • Proprietary Network of Acquirers and Capital Providers with the Same Specific Focus - We Know Who is 'Real'

  • Unparalleled Speed to Market (2-3 Weeks) and Overall Process (100 Days to Offers - 6 Months to Closing/Funding) vs. Other Firms' 18-24 Month Processes

  • Requiring a Handful of Hours of Client Time (Not Per Week) Prior to Offers Received 

  • Confidential and Discrete Processes

  • Continuous Access, Responsiveness, and Availability

  • Superior Results: Higher Valuations, Ideal Structures, and Optimal Terms Related to All Variables (i.e. Earnouts, Holdbacks, Transitions, Non-Competes, Employees, etc...)

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